Sticky post Hey Baby Look Who’s Flying to Africa!

South African Airways has officially announced the winners of the SAA “Hey Baby look at us now!” competition, which ended on September 16, 2002. Winners’ names were drawn on September 20, 2002 at SAA’s Sydney and Perth headquarters.

Travel agents across Australia were given the opportunity to win a trip for two to Johannesburg by correctly matching adult photographs of SAA’s new team with the corresponding baby pictures and submitting their entries to their local SAA office.

Clive Busch of Au Revoir Travel, Mt Lawley WA, and Nicolle Barratt of Brittania Travel, Beecroft NSW each won the grand prize of a return trip for two to Johannesburg.

Jeff Naylor, Commercial Manager for SAA Australia, believes that there’s no better way to introduce the team to the industry especially with the opening of the new offices in Melbourne and Brisbane. He was amazed and highly amused by the entries SAA received.

“With the recent growth of our team and expansion of our offices to new locations, we decided to break the news and introduce ourselves to our business partners in a fun way.

“The response nationwide was excellent and exceeded our expectations, though looking at the entries, it was interesting to see how many of our staff actually could’ve easily have been switched at birth!” said Mr Naylor.

South African Airways currently flies non-stop from Sydney to Johannesburg four times a week and four times a week from Perth. Fares are seasonal and surcharges apply so please contact SAA or your travel agent for more information.

Knock Down Rebuild Designers

Knock Down Rebuild Designers

Many professionals, families and older couples are taking advantage of a trend called Knock Down Rebuild Designers. They are increasing the values of their property, staying in the community and improving their quality of life.

Knock down rebuild designer from luxury living homes are allowing many people to stay in the same location while still creating the home of their dreams. They tear down the old building and rebuild the home according to the plans created with the property owner. They don’t have to relocate, make new friends or learn new neighborhoods. This is great for older couples and growing families because it reduces the amount of hassle and stress involved.

Growing families often put additions to their current home or end up having to purchase another home. These professionals allow them to stay in place with the extra space they need without the haphazard, thrown together appearances that some additions can create. They can build a home that is functional, stylish and affordable.

Knock down rebuild designers are helping the elderly stay near their loved ones by offering options that allow them to downsize their abode. New homes with fewer maintenance costs and greater accessibility allow older couples to stay in the homes longer. This increases their independence making life easier for the whole family.

Individual and families who inherit or buy older homes often need to consider the value of major renovations and structural integrity. These problems can be more costly than the building is worth. Knock down rebuild designers allow the property owners to increase the value with newer construction and fewer maintenance and care issues.

Saving money, time and stress is important in today’s busy world. Knock down rebuild designers allow families, couples and individuals to use the resources they have to create a home that meets their needs without exceeding their budget.

How To Find The Best Bookkeeper Melbourne Has Ever Seen.

How To Find The Best Bookkeeper Melbourne Has Ever Seen.

Every business in Melbourne needs to hire a bookkeeper. What do you do when you are looking for the best bookkeeper Melbourne has ever seen? It is easy to find that very person if you know the secret. You need to understand that the best bookkeeper Melbourne can offer is the one who does your books for you, according to your needs. 

Using a bookkeeper is something every business needs to do. This service saves you time and money not just at tax time or inventory time, but, all through the year. The best bookkeeper Melbourne has to offer is the one who uses their service to save you time and money all through the year. He or she does that by being organized and keeping up with the professional training that goes along with the job and expectations of being the best bookkeeper Melbourne has ever seen. 

It does not matter of they are counting money or business assets or organizing profit and loss statements, the bookkeeper will always find a unique way to tell you what the business numbers are telling your business. The service they can offer you is of much value. You should never worry about the cost of doing business with the Digitpro bookkeepers Melbourne because they will make the life of your business flow much easier. So, reach out to your bookkeeper and feel free to ask any questions that you might have. They will be happy to help you.

Personalised Jewellery from Rec Studio

Personalised Jewellery

Personalised jewellery can be the best choice for the loved ones during the special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Personalised jewellery range from engraved rings with heart touching messages to bracelets that are carefully selected to charm their hearts. When it comes to personalised jewellery and gifts at Recreational Studio, you should never go short of ideas.

Engraved jewellery

One of the best ways to send a strong, memorable message is by engraving it in personalised jewellery. A diamond ring or a bangle can serve the purpose with style. The personalised message clicks into their mind every time they put it on. However, remember that not every metal can be engraved. It also requires that the personalised jewellery be of a particular width. If fall short of engraving messages, doing a simple search on the internet can yield more that the needed quotes and messages.

Charm bracelet

Charm bracelets are not only unique, but they can also be personalised by use of some charms which gives the gift a personalised touch. When deciding which charms to use, think about what colours they like, their hobbies and other things that they find mind-blowing.

Personalised earrings

Rings with their names initials on them can be a huge surprise for any girl. The idea behind any personalised gift is to create memories. Simple creativity can easily achieve this.

Tips For Identifying The Most Credible Removalists Perth Locals Can Hire

Tips For Identifying The Most Credible Removalists Perth Locals Can Hire

By working with removalists Perth residents are often able to save a lot of money and time. These professionals are able to streamline the relocation process so that their customers have a better opportunity to focus on other important obligations. Following are several key features to look for when screening and hiring these companies

Adequate Insurance

Before shopping around for removalists Perth residents should carefully define their insurance requirements. This is best done by calculating the approximate value of the items that must be transported. When high-value items such as antiques are included, working with a company that has high-value insurance is essential.

The Skills And Abilities Of The Provider

Some removalists Perth locals can hire are capable of moving heavy items through tight spaces and from elevated areas. Others, however, will not transport large, cumbersome furnishings given that they lack the necessary moving equipment. It is important for people to target businesses that are well-equipped for the challenges that their relocation projects present.

Look For The Most Well-Rated Removalists Perth Locals Can Hire

Many of the removalists Perth residents have access to are known for posting glowing testimonials on their web pages. Although these testimonials are helpful, they are not as informative as the in-depth reviews that are commonly posted to third-party websites. Check out what other consumers are saying about these entities on social networking platforms, in niche-specific forums and on web directors or public business listings.

Check For Hidden Fees

When shopping around for removalists Perth residents should always compare the prices of these businesses before choosing one. Some companies charge far higher rates than others and there are also many businesses that have hidden fees. Pricing should be straightforward and transparent, so that there are no surprising charges on the final bill.